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  • A Little Housekeeping

    • Back in the 80's there was a gameshow on MTV called "Remote Control". One of the lines often repeated on the show was "My Basement, My Game Show, My Rules". Likewise I'd like to say "My Website, My Blog, My Rules".

      As you know since you're here, I've done a rethink and minor redesign. Part of the new design is a daily post with thoughts, links, and the like with a background image. The image can come from a number of sources, some creative commons, some public domain, and some are photos I've taken. I've always had a folder of interesting images and thought this might be an interesting way to show them off. I credit the photo and the source in my daily notes. Quite frankly, I love the effect of scrolling through the front page with the background images take a look. So, last week on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday the background image had some religious significance. I've gotten some feedback in email and a comment that I had to delete since the language violated my content guidelines. I'd like to address this all here, I will be paraphrasing the points and answering them publicly:

      1. This isn't a religious site, you shouldn't be pushing religion

        First off, this is my site, at the end of the day it's whatever interests me on a given day. It's not a techblog, or a newsblog, it is a personal site and you probably get to see a picture of the far too scattered mind of Sean Reiser. I might post on tech today, religion tomorrow, and who I think is under the mask of the "Fake Luke Spencer" the next day. I didn't push religion, no place did I tell you that you should do anything. Interestingly, on last Monday, I included a blurb about Passover.

      2. This violates my religious freedom

        Nope, I'm not the government, I'm not establishing a state religion. I feel you have every right to practice or not practice the religion of your choice. You have the right to discuss it openly. (If you discuss things here there are rules but again.. my website). I have the same right. Please start a blog post your opinions, feel free to disagree with me. If I comment I'll do it respectfully.

      3. Interestingly, I got an email from the other side of the street

        Your choice of a purple image on Holy Saturday is in support of Gay Rights. [...] Your image on Easter Sunday didn't show Christ Rising, confirming this.

        • So, the Holy Saturday image was violet, not purple. It was symbolic of Lent. It was a call out to the Churches that cover the statues and Crucifixes in violet during the Passiontide. To quote the Catholic Encyclopedia
          Before Vespers of Saturday preceding Passion Sunday [i.e. the 5th Sunday of Lent] the crosses, statues, and pictures of our Lord and of the saints on the altar and throughout the church, with the sole exception of the crosses and pictures of the Way of the Cross, are to be covered with a violet veil, not translucent, nor in any way ornamented. The crosses remain covered until after the solemn denudation of the principal crucifix on Good Friday. The statues and pictures retain their covering, no matter what feast may occur, until the Gloria in Excelsis of Holy Saturday.
        • The Easter Image was am image shot at the Irish Botanical Garden on Easter Sunday,2009. I was moved by the image for some reason and decided to use it on Easer Sunday.
        • Interestingly I do support equal right for everyone. But that has nothing to do with these images.
  • On This Day

    • In 1964 – Satellite Transit-5BN-3 failed to reach orbit after launch. It carried 2.1 pounds (0.95 kg) of radioactive plutonium from its SNAP RTG power source.

  • Random Musings

    • I wonder how many companies have random drug tests today. I'd expect it to be common.

  • Random Links

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